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Hello! Welcome to Monsterasaur Inc.!

We are a husband and wife team based in Malaysia with a growing passion for Indoor Houseplants.

Vincent (The MR): 

  • Self-proclaimed full time Botanist
  • Master Propagator
  • Part-time Architect
  • Founder of Monsterasaur Inc.

Daphnee (The MRS): 

  • Left the rat race to run Monsterasaur Inc full time
  • Ex IT Project Management Consultant 
  • Co-Founder of Monsterasaur Inc.

Our Story:

The name "Monsterasaur" is derived from the famous houseplant Monstera Deliciosa and a Prehistoric beast known by many as Dinosaur. Extracting the "Monstera" from Monstera Deliciosa and "Saur" from Dinosaur, we came up with this whacky name "Monsterasaur".

We started the hobby with just a few pot of succulents from Cameron Highlands few years ago. After pots and pots of succulents, we began to collect other varieties of plant like Tillandsia and Aroids. Soon after, our collection exploded and our love for the gardening hobby grew ever since. 

As of now, our main focus of houseplants are Aroids, mainly Philodendron and Anthuriums.

When Covid-19 hits, we spend majority of our time at home and we started looking for specialty items like Perforated Pots, High grade Chilean Sphagnum Moss and Mini Greenhouse to fit into our hobby. As we share our updates in our Instagram stories, people have started to ask where do we get them. So, we decided to start this small business in September 2020 to share the items that we enjoy with similar like-minded people like us. 

Our plants are mainly sourced from Local collectors and sellers within Malaysia. Our master propagator Vince, is pushing out pots and pots of rarely found aroids via propagation which we will release during our plant sales. 

And while you are here,  please do enjoy your time and browse through the wide array of specialty items that we have to offer in our Webstore.

Oh yea, we are also in Youtube  as well where we occasionally share some tips and tricks on gardening so do check us out!

Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/monsterasaur

Thanks for Visiting our Webstore & Happy Shopping! 

With Much Love,
Vince & Daphnee

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